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After a long day on your feet, there’s nothing better than being able to sit down on comfortable furniture and let relaxation wash over you. Dickinson Furniture City Inc. is here to make sure you have the right furniture in your home, so you’re always on Cloud 9 when you take a seat.

living room seating



Great for seating multiple people or just for sprawling out, the right sofa is instantly a centerpiece in any living room. Our sofa store in Dickinson, ND has materials and styles for any home, guaranteeing comfort each and every time you stretch out.

From sectionals to recliners in Dickinson, ND, our aim is to provide you with comfortable, stylish seating options that are perfect for your home and budget. Our full selection of seating options includes:




For large living rooms or basement rec rooms, sectionals are a great way to add comfort that’s accommodating to everyone. Choose from sectionals of all sizes, with arrangements that lend themselves to any room.



Whether you’re kicking batch to watch your favorite sports team on TV or you’re prone to napping in an easy chair, the right recliner can go a long way. Stop in a browse our great selection of recliners in Dickinson, ND and fine one that’s budget-friendly and offers optimal comfort.



Spacious enough for one person to lounge on or two people to share, loveseats are a great in-between seating option for rooms where sofas are too big and chairs aren’t enough. Find a variety of styles and materials in our showroom.



Want to kick your feet up, for a seating experience that’s truly relaxing? An ottoman is the perfect solution. We have styles to match various chairs and sofas, with many seating options that include an ottoman for maximum comfort.

Quality Seating in Dickinson, ND

To see all of the different seating options we offer or to browse our many styles and materials for yourself, visit our showroom today or contact Dickinson Furniture City Inc. at 701-483-5108.

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