Tips for Making a Small Room Feel Larger

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Have you ever shopped for a couch or entertainment center and thought, “Wow! That would look super nice in my living room.” Let’s get real for a moment: Do you actually have the room for that sectional and oak TV console? Whether you own a house or rent an apartment, finding furniture that both matches your personal style and fits in a specific space takes some thought (and measuring). Find options that appeal to you, but be sure to go into the store with ceiling-to-floor and wall-to-wall measurements of the room you are buying new furniture for.

But what if your goal is to not only furnish a room with new pieces, but also to create the illusion that a space is bigger than it actually is? Below, a local furniture store in Dickinson, ND shares their best tips for making a small room feel larger:

  • Utilize multi-functional furniture: These pieces are often found in living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms. Basically, it’s furniture that has more than one function—for example, window seating with a lid that opens for extra storage. Just pack toys, throw pillows, remote controls and more into small baskets, then tuck them away before guests arrive. This is an easy way to avoid clutter and open up a space.
  • Install built-in shelves and furniture: Along similar lines as multi-functional furniture, built-in pieces fit into spaces well—especially since they’ll be sized and custom-made to go in a specific spot. Built-in sofas can have storage underneath, like a rollaway or slide drawer. Another option is built-in shelves. You can install shelving in your own design or pattern, and keep in mind that the higher the placement, the more open the room will feel.
  • Avoid overstuffed sofas: One of the simplest ways to make a small space feel larger is to avoid oversized, overstuffed, heavy-seeming furniture. It will instantly take over a room and make it feel smaller. Low-profile sofas and other furniture pieces are more ideal.
  • Have a few larger pieces of furniture: Instead of using many small decorative items or pieces of furniture in a room, opt for just a few larger decorative pieces. For example, limit the number of larger pieces to three or five items—like a side table, sofa, coffee table, bookshelf and TV stand. This will eliminate the cluttered feeling and expand the room visually to make it look and feel bigger.
  • Get a large statement piece: A single large statement piece of furniture can really do a room good. Try a large couch and one sitting chair in your living room instead of four sitting chairs, or a king-sized bed, a small sitting bench and an appropriately sized dresser for your bedroom.

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