Choosing Between a Sectional and a Regular Sofa in Dickinson, ND

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If you’re in the market for new living room furniture, you’ve probably realized that you have two routes to choose from when buying a new couch: you can either get a traditional sofa or purchase a sectional in Dickinson, ND. Making the choice is tough, which is why we’re here to help you out! Continue reading to learn more about both options.

Why choose a sectional?

Let’s start with sectional sofas. Here are the top reasons why our customers opt to purchase sectionals when shopping for new living room furniture:

  • Great for groups: Are you having friends over to watch the big game or entertaining your extended family? If so, then you’ll need to have plenty of seating available! A sectional provides ample seating for the whole crew and allows everyone to have plenty of leg room.
  • Cost effective: There’s no getting around the fact that sectional sofas are more expensive than standard couches. However, when you buy a sectional, you don’t need to purchase a whole living room set like you often do if you buy a single sofa. With a sectional, you get just as much seating as you would with a couch, recliners, love seat and whatever other furniture you have in your living room.
  • Good for small spaces: You might not assume so, since they’re huge, but sectionals are often great for studio apartments and small living rooms! As mentioned above, there’s no reason to get a whole living room set if you buy one sectional. That means you’ll have a ton of extra space in your home!

Why choose a regular sofa?

If you’re not choosing a sectional, then your other main option is a sofa in Dickinson, ND. The points below are a few good reasons why a standard sofa might be for you:

  • Design flexibility: If you’re interested in interior design, one of the fun parts of shopping for a new couch is trying to mix and match it with your existing furniture. Will your couch blend in with the rest of your living room furniture, or will it stand out and be a focal point of the room? The choice is yours when choosing a new couch! That’s not the case with a sectional, which is often the only piece in the room.
  • Lower prices: Though purchasing a sectional sofa is more cost-effective than buying a whole living room set, buying a single sofa is far less costly than buying a sectional. And when you shop at Dickinson Furniture City Inc., you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting the best deal in town!
  • Easier to move: Anyone who’s ever had to move a sectional sofa knows that it’s a huge challenge. Even though sectional couches come apart, the individual pieces are heavy, awkward and hard to get through the door. Smaller couches are typically a whole lot easier to move than that!

Whether you want a leather sectional or a suede sofa, be sure to get it from Dickinson Furniture City Inc. We have the largest selection of living room furniture in Dickinson, ND, as well as a vast range of bedroom sets, dining room sets, lamps, tables, wall décor and more. Stop by and see us today!

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