When Is the Best Time of the Year to Buy New Furniture in Dickinson, ND?

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Throughout your life, there will be times when furniture shopping is necessary. Life events like buying a new home, moving to a bigger place and having a baby all call for new furniture. But good furniture is not cheap, and traveling from store to store for all the pieces you need can be daunting and exhausting. On top of everything else, you’re on a budget. Your best bet for buying new furniture? Buy it on sale. This will save you money and the stress of forking over wads of cash to completely furnish a new space.

If you want to replace your old tables, chairs or sofas, you should know that there are some ideal times to buy new furniture in Dickinson, ND. Read on for more information:

  • Shop with your needs in mind: When shopping for new furniture, choose pieces that match both your budget and your style. This can be hard to do, but possible with the right mindset. Another tip is to only look at the furniture you need right now—don’t spend your time and energy browsing the couch selection if what you need right now is a new dresser.
  • Look for sales: Sure, you can find some pretty decent used furniture at good prices. However, if new is what you want, then you should keep an eye out for sales on furniture. You can even enjoy significant cash savings when you make your furniture purchase during particular times of the year. Keep in mind that the best times to buy will vary depending on the type of furniture you seek.
  • Seasonal sales on indoor furniture: While different stores hold sales according to their own timetables, the average best times to find sales on indoor furniture are toward the end of the winter and summer seasons. January and September seem to be prime discount time for the furniture industry. This makes sense, since retailers are getting ready to bring in the next season’s inventory.
  • Wait until a holiday: Many retailers use the major holidays to move inventory. These are good times to promote their business as well as clear out pieces of furniture that have been out on the showroom floor for a while. And there’s a reason why new furniture goes on super sale during Christmastime: it’s gift-giving season! Whether for you or someone else, you are likely to get a fantastic deal on a brand-new couch, bedroom set or entertainment center if you hold out for those holiday sales.
  • January and sales: You might’ve heard that January is a good time to find sales on quality furniture at most retail stores. This is true because January is when new furniture styles come out. New pieces arrive at stores, typically regardless of whether last year’s inventory is still out on display. For this reason, many retailers will have sales in January to make room for the new stuff.

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