Preparing Your Home for Furniture Delivery in Dickinson, ND

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So, you purchased new furniture from a local furniture store, and it will be delivered to your home soon. A good furniture business will likely offer delivery for large items, but it’s up to you to make room for all that’s coming. To make the process go smoothly, be properly prepared for the delivery before the agreed-upon date and time. Prepping your living space in advance better ensures that your new furniture can be brought in and set up quickly and easily.

There will be a crew of people carrying furniture from the truck into your house, and your job is to plan for it. Here’s some information about preparing your home for furniture delivery in Dickinson, ND.

Communicate with the furniture store

You might have paid for your new furniture before you leave the store, but perhaps you didn’t set up a time for furniture delivery. Whether you choose a delivery date and time while at the store or call it in later, be sure to contact the store to confirm when your new furniture pieces will be delivered. It might not hurt to confirm a couple times just to be safe. And although a day may be set, that doesn’t mean the time will be exact. Just know you need to have your house ready for the delivery as early as possible on the date of the delivery.

Make way for the delivery people

It will be a difficult job for the delivery crew assigned to your order if you don’t clear walking paths in advance. This is especially true if your house is small or cluttered, so really take the time to plan ahead for the delivery. Clearing a path allows the crew to pass through safely, avoiding damage to your new furniture as well as existing pieces in your home. And while you don’t have to know exactly where your new furniture pieces will go inside your house, it certainly helps—after all, if you know where you want items placed, the crew can put them there for you!

Contain small children and pets

Moving large pieces of furniture takes strength and concentration. As such, the delivery crew cannot be distracted by kids or animals running under their feet or bumping into them. It’s a recipe for disaster. Furniture can get dropped and damaged, or someone could get hurt.

About 20 minutes before your scheduled delivery, secure pets in their kennels or a closed-off room away from where the items will be placed. Keep children occupied with an activity, like playing games, watching television or playing outside. You could also ask someone to take your kids and pets for the scheduled delivery timeframe. That way they are all out of the way and you won’t have to walk away from the furniture delivery crew to check on your little ones.

Move or get rid of old furniture

If you are replacing old furniture with new items and want to use the same space, make sure to move the old pieces out of the way to make room for the new ones. Move old furniture to the garage or sell it in advance so the space is open for the delivery crew to work with.

For more information about planning for furniture delivery, contact Dickinson Furniture City Inc. or visit our furniture store in Dickinson, ND today.

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