How to Protect Wooden Outdoor Furniture in Dickinson, ND from the Cold

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Outdoor wooden furniture for patios and backyards has multiple functions. Choose the right pieces and they can beautify a space or be the perfect setup for social gatherings. Keep reading to learn about protecting outdoor wooden furniture in Dickinson, ND from the cold!

Know your climate

That wooden patio set sure does look nice, and it’s probably comfortable, too. But what steps are you taking to ensure the wood stays beautiful and lasts a long time? While that’s a great question, the first thing to keep in mind is the climate where you live. The type of weather you deal with year-round will determine the best methods of wood protection. For instance, a good way to protect outdoor wooden furniture in sunny, hot, dry climates is with paint, while wetter areas should seriously consider applying a water sealant.

Use paint

Paint on wood is a great option no matter the type of weather your outdoor furniture is exposed to. In fact, paint often offers the strongest protection available. This kind of protection from the weather will be worth the effort, especially since the only real possible downside is that the wood might lose its original look. The right paint can reflect UV radiation from the sun, which protects the wood underneath instead of contributing to rot and other wood issues. Reach for latex paint, as it lasts longer, is easier to apply and will work better than oil-based paints in this situation. Reapply paint to avoid peeling, fading and chipping.

Apply a water sealant

Although rain is beneficial for plant growth and cleaning the air, water and moisture can wreak havoc on wooden outdoor furniture. It’s for this reason that if you live in an area that gets lots of rain, you should apply a water sealant to your furniture. Water sealants also offer complete protection in other weather conditions. Sealants not only protect your patio furniture from exterior moisture, but they help any damp wood dry faster, which prevents rotting, splitting and warping.

Use furniture covers

Patio furniture covers are made to protect all types of outdoor furniture in Dickinson, ND, including pieces made of wood, whether painted and sealed or not. These covers will physically protect your outdoor furniture from the harsh weather and elements, but be sure to measure the shapes and dimensions of each piece before purchasing new ones.

Place in good spots

Really take the time to seek out the best placement for your wooden patio furniture pieces. Their placement on the patio will affect how much they get damaged by the weather. For example, furniture placed on the edges of your patio is more susceptible to elements like rain and sunlight. If a storm is on its way, or the days are hotter than usual, pull furniture in toward the patio’s center to keep the wood away from harmful elements.

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