Back-to-School: Choose the Best Furniture for Your Dorm Room!

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Whether you are entering college as a freshman or returning after summer break, a new college school year likely means a new dorm room to furnish. Unfortunately, college dorm rooms are about as cookie-cutter as they come—after all, colleges need to use sturdy, wear-proof furniture that won’t offend anyone’s tastes, which usually translates to “boring.”

But that doesn’t mean your dorm room can’t still reflect your personal style! As a furniture store in Dickinson, ND, we’ve seen it all when it comes to dorm rooms. Here’s some advice for selecting and arranging your dorm bedroom furniture in Dickinson, ND:

  • Work with your roommate: Whether you are rooming with your best friend or a complete stranger, there is no reason why you cannot work together to find a dorm room design scheme you both like. Communication is key, and with all our modern technologies, there’s no reason you can’t spend all summer sending links a photos back and forth, talking about what you do and don’t like. When move-in day comes, you should have settled on some pieces that work for you both.
  • Make a statement: Dorm room furniture is a dime a dozen—and so are the posters they sell at your college bookstore. If you want to set yourself apart and send a statement about your personality, find a bold, colorful wall decoration that can tie the room together. Just make sure your roommate likes it as well!
  • Home away from home: College freshmen get homesick more than they’re often willing to talk about. There is no shame in missing your family home, and one way to bring a little piece of home with you is to bring some artwork, curtains, a lamp or other piece of your old bedroom to your new space. Chances are it will have a lot more personality than its dorm room counterpart.
  • Multitask: College is all about multitasking: studying while eating while listening to music and talking to your friends. So let your furniture multitask as well! Use a large plastic container as your bedside table, so you can easily store clothes or books while saving space. If you’d like to know more about multifunctional bedroom furniture in Dickinson, ND, feel free to visit our shop.
  • Adjust your furniture: Most colleges do not have a rule stating that you have to keep your bed, dresser, desk, etc. exactly where you found it. Work with your roommate to develop an organized, sensible floor plan that makes the most out of your space.

If you are looking for dorm furniture near Dickinson, ND, then we hope you will consider shopping at Dickinson Furniture City Inc. We have a variety of styles and price points, ensuring that we can meet the dorm room needs of virtually any student.

With a little thought and a lot of fun, finding the perfect dorm room furniture is just a shopping trip away. Use the tips above, and the expertise of our experienced sales associates, to create a dorm room you’ll never want to move out of.

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