How to Choose the Perfect Bedroom Furniture for Your Children

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Buying furniture for a child’s room is different than furnishing any other room in the house. When it comes to children’s bedroom furniture in Dickinson, ND, homeowners must take several unique factors into consideration.

Are you unsure where to start? Use the following guide to navigate your purchase of kid’s bedroom furniture in Dickinson, ND. You might discover that what could be a stressful process turns into a fun project!

  • Ask for (limited) input: You want your child to enjoy their room. It’s good for them to have a say in the décor of the space. Ask your child what he or she likes. Get their input on selections—but limit their influence. A good balance is to use your adult wisdom to select big-ticket items such as kid’s bedroom furniture in Dickinson, ND, and then let the child pick out a few accessories that they want to include to make the room their own.
  • Choose a theme: To help a child make selections, consider suggesting two or three themes, then let them pick one. Once the theme is chosen, it is easier to find the best furniture and matching décor. Nautical themes, animals and primary colors are often good choices for children’s rooms.
  • Keep growth in mind: Choosing bedroom furniture in Dickinson, ND for a child’s room is different than selecting pieces for your own room. Your child can quickly outgrow your selections, both physically and mentally. Decide whether you want to invest in a piece that will grow with your child or spend less on an item they will only use for a short period of time.
  • Break the rules: A child’s bedroom is one place where you don’t have to abide by normal interior decorating rules. Is your child’s favorite color lime green? While you might not want to paint the walls this color, you can choose furnishings and décor that incorporate this hue. Let the room reflect their personality.
  • Make it functional: It’s important to be realistic with your selections. Don’t plan to organize bookshelves with cutesy décor that your toddler will simply pull down and destroy. Shelving can be a good idea, but plan to stock lower shelves with commonly used toys the child can easily reach. For younger children’s rooms in particular, keep form and function in mind as you also try to choose something attractive.
  • Reduce chaos: Even with the right kid’s bedroom furniture in Dickinson, ND, a child’s bedroom can feel chaotic. Use symmetry to reduce this feeling. Matching lamps or bookshelves can bring balance to the room. For décor, choose larger items rather than many small pieces that can be knocked askew or easily broken.

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