Choosing Living Room Furniture in Dickinson, ND to Maximize a Small Space

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If you have a smaller living room, you might be unsure about how to decorate or furnish it without making it look and feel cramped or crowded. Purchasing furniture that will maximize the function and aesthetic of your space without appearing to take it over can be tricky, especially if you aren’t usually very apt at interior decoration or furnishing. Thankfully, designers and interior decorators have worked through some of the best ways to maximize a small space, and you can benefit from their experience and knowledge when it comes time to furnish your own living room:

  • Less is more: In a small space, you have to be picky about the kind of furniture you have. Try to choose living room furniture in Dickinson, ND that offers as much functionality as possible, like a couch that offers a lot of seating space or a small coffee table with plenty of storage underneath.
  • Use your space wisely: There are lots of creative ways that you can position your furniture to boost functionality. If your room is narrow and long, for example, you can put couches back to back to carve out two distinct seating areas.
  • Bring furniture away from the walls: People with small living rooms are often tempted to push furniture up against the walls, but this might not be the best use of your space. It’s ok to fill the middle of your room with furniture instead of leaving it as an empty space without much function. Position chairs and couches in close proximity to each other to create a cozy seating area that looks coherent and appealing.
  • Use rugs for spacing: Rugs can be used to compartmentalize your room. Place a rug in your room to set aside space for seating and create a tied-together space. Put a rug near the middle of your room and place a couch, a couple of chairs and a coffee table on the rug for a clearly delineated seating area that saves space in your room.
  • Add visual interest: Don’t be afraid to add decoration to your room! Hang a unique piece of art and play with different lighting sources to add to the ambience of your space. Creating visual interest can make your room seem more appealing and draw attention away from space issues. It’s best to avoid harsh lighting; stick with warmer lamps and fixtures instead.

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