Why You Should Shop Locally for Your Furniture

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These days, people can shop online for virtually anything, including furniture. It can be tempting to buy home furnishings online instead of actually going into a local furniture store in Dickinson, ND, but there are a number of disadvantages to online shopping. It’s important to understand all of the benefits of shopping locally so that you can make an informed choice as a consumer and make a purchase that will benefit both you and your local economy:

  • Benefits the community: When you spend money in your community, you make it possible for businesses to support local causes. Small businesses give significantly more to local nonprofits, charities and community causes than large businesses do. By patronizing a business, you are encouraging a reinvestment in your own community. Even when a large company does donate to a cause, it’s usually to a national or international organization that isn’t likely to help your community directly. A local business can make donations that have a positive impact right in your own backyard.
  • Stimulates the local economy: When you buy from a large business, a significant amount of your money is going to support the executive board of the business that your buying from, which is often headquartered in a different state or country. The money you spend at a local business stays primarily within your own community. Small businesses are essential for providing employment to local residents, which in turn makes it possible for more people to spend dollars locally. Even shifting just a few of your purchases from large companies to local businesses can make a significant difference to the local economy.
  • Positive tax implications: The state of North Dakota alone has lost over $40 million in tax revenue as a result of online shopping. Lots of large businesses don’t even pay income tax because of aggressive tax incentives and complicated tax circumstances. This doesn’t just affect your state—it can also affect you as a consumer. The less revenue there is coming in from local businesses, the more your taxes might have to be raised to make up the difference.
  • Ensures that you get what you want: Oftentimes, product images that are listed online are not very representative of the actual product. Buying something online before you see it in person might leave you with a piece of furniture that you don’t particularly like. It’s better to go to a furniture store in Dickinson, ND where you can see items up close and try them out for yourself.

If you’re looking for a local furniture store in Dickinson, ND, look no further than Dickinson Furniture City Inc. We’ve been serving members of the community for over 50 years with a quality inventory of exceptional home furnishings. Regardless of what your taste may be, we can help you find pieces that are perfect for your space. We are proud to be a locally owned company with a dedication to customer satisfaction. We offer a family-friendly atmosphere in our store and a helpful team of knowledgeable staff to assist you with your furniture search. Come in today to get exactly what you’re looking for!

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