How to Plan and Arrange Furniture

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Furniture is an essential item that also allows you to make your space your own. If you’re looking for a great way to own your space and make it truly yours, you should consider investing in high-quality home furnishings. Designing your own home furniture arrangement is a great way to maximize your space and leave your own unique and personal touch on the aesthetic of your home.

Without a proper layout, however, even the best furniture can fall flat. Working with a specialist at a living room furniture store in Dickinson, ND can help you identify the best layout for your home.

There are a number of guidelines to follow while developing a unique décor that meets your personal goals, including:

  • Identify a focal point: Every room needs a focal point. Whether you select the center of your room, the large windows off to the side or your large, potted palm tree against the corner, you should arrange all of your home furnishings around the focal point. The focal point should serve simultaneously as a congregating point as well as a conversation piece. The focal point should be well lit and incredibly easy to identify.
  • Don’t move furniture against the walls: While the size of your room will ultimately determine how you position your furniture, be sure to leave at least a few inches between the backs of your chairs or couches and the wall. This will create the illusion that the room is larger than it is, and present a more aesthetically pleasing environment. You should never push a piece of furniture all the way against the wall.
  • Facilitate conversation: The design of your living room furniture should serve one purpose: conversation. Position chairs and coffee tables so that they encourage people to talk to one another. For instance, two chairs facing each other across a coffee table is an excellent arrangement. People should be able to sit in your living room and comfortably communicate with everyone else in the room.
  • Keep it light: Your living room should always be bright and feature as much natural light as possible. You should explore different types of window coverings that may allow you to preserve your privacy while also filtering in lots of natural light. The brighter your living room is, the more inviting and warm it will feel. You should also use accent lighting to highlight certain parts of your décor.

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