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Wooden furniture is a beautiful, lovely addition to any home. Wooden furniture typically represents a substantial investment, however, especially when it is purchased from a high-quality furniture store in Dickinson, ND. Whether you’ve recently invested in new wood furniture or are looking for ways to keep your existing home decorations looking great, it’s important to understand the intricacies associated with cleaning wooden furniture.

Every type of furniture requires special care and attention. Upholstered furniture, for instance, may need specialized cleaning attention, in the form of dry cleaning or professional laundering. Leather furniture requires certain consistencies related to the environmental conditions in your home.

Wood composes the base of most furniture pieces. It’s extremely important to keep the wood in and on your furniture in prime condition. With proper care, wooden furniture can last for decades. Here are just some of the steps you should take to keep your wooden furniture looking great:

  • Wipe with water: Generally, you can keep your furniture clean most easily by routinely dusting it and wiping it down with a wet washcloth. You can use a mild soap to wipe down your wood furniture as well. Occasionally, the use of a commercial cleaner may also be appropriate. Be sure to use commercial wood cleaners in moderation, however, and away from children and pets.
  • Deep clean with natural products: There are a number of natural products you can use to clean your wood furniture that will leave the polish intact. Vinegar and lemon juice are excellent tools that you can use to remove built-up dirt and grime. You can also clean your wood furniture with olive oil, or turpentine and linseed oil. Using oils to clean your wood furniture will leave it with a desirable sheen.
  • Avoid exposure to humidity: Whenever possible, you should avoid extensive exposure to humid environments for your wooden furniture. You may even want to consider investing in a dehumidifier if your home is routinely damp. Humidity causes wood to expand and contract, which can cause the polish or finish to split from the wood’s surface. You should also avoid placing wood furniture near heating vents.
  • Regularly apply new polish: You should polish and finish your furniture on a regular basis. Whether you use paste polish, wax, spray polish or lemon oil, it’s important to keep your furniture’s surface well lubricated at all times. Be aware that some types of polish will leave your furniture with a glossy, shiny surface, and others will provide it with a classy matte tone.

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