How to Move Furniture: Tips from a Furniture Store in Dickinson, ND

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Moving large furniture is a difficult task. You need to be extremely careful when moving large and heavy items to make sure you are protecting your own health and safety, as well as your home and other furniture you have in the area. People who move large furniture for a living go through some general safety training to make sure they are doing it in a safe and healthy way.

Here are a few of the best tips we can provide to help you bring your new pieces into your home after you purchase them at our furniture store in Dickinson, ND:

  • Use the proper equipment: Get all of the equipment and packing supplies you need to make the move easier. Get your hands on a furniture dolly and straps to keep the furniture stable while on the dolly. Sliders are also convenient items that allow you to move your furniture into place much more efficiently.
  • Empty the furniture: This is an especially important tip if you are attempting to move items like dressers, cabinets and wardrobes, which have drawers or nooks to store other items. There’s no need to make your job harder by trying to move your furniture while it is still packed full of clothes or other belongings. Plus, if you have loose items inside the furniture, they could become damaged during the move. It’s much better to just empty the furniture before making the move.
  • Use proper technique: Don’t just lift up heavy items—slide them around if it is possible to do so without damaging your furniture or flooring. Again, this is where equipment (sliders) comes into play. It’s not worth risking injury to attempt to lift extremely heavy items without equipment, especially if you are trying to do so by yourself. If you do lift items, make sure to put as much of the weight on your legs, arms and shoulders as possible, and do not lift with your back. Instead, your back should be as straight as you can keep it during the moving process.
  • Protect your floors: Again, sliders are essential tools for moving heavy items. If need be, you can also wrap the legs of your furniture and slide them across floors. If you have a carpeted floor, use smooth cardboard. With a hardwood or otherwise bare floor, use towels.
  • Know the weight of your furniture before moving it: If you have a good idea of how much each piece weighs, you’ll be able to better plan for the number of movers you’ll need, plus any equipment that will make the job easier. As a general rule, you should have at least one person for every 100 pounds of weight, as well as one extra person in case someone tilts the item or it begins slipping from their hands.

Dickinson Furniture City is pleased to offer free delivery of furniture purchases within 60 miles of our location. For more tips about moving heavy furniture into your home or office, feel free to reach out to our furniture store in Dickinson, ND.

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