What to Think About When Buying Furniture: Tips from a Furniture Store in Dickinson, ND

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Looking to buy some new furniture for your home? While aesthetics are certainly important, you’re going to want to consider a lot more factors when making your purchase decisions.

Here are some of the things the staff at our furniture store in Dickinson, ND recommends you consider when purchasing new furniture:

  • Functionality: First and foremost, you need to be sure your chosen furniture actually fulfills your functional needs for the space. If, for example, your family tends to spend a long time sitting at the table and talking during and after meals, you are going to want dining room chairs that are designed for longer periods of comfortable sitting. If you have taller family members, you might want a sofa with a higher back. Consider also the needs of all family members and try to find furniture that fulfills as many of them as possible.
  • Size: Make sure you know the ideal dimensions of your furniture before making a purchase so you don’t have to do any guesswork while in the store. You should come into the furniture store knowing how a piece will fit in your room, as well as how you will move it in there. The moving portion is key, but often overlooked. Many people never consider the fact that the furniture actually has to be able to make it through doors and hallways to get to their desired room, or into elevators to get to top-floor apartments.
  • Construction and durability: Do some research into the materials used to make a piece of furniture and where it was made before you purchase it. This will help you avoid products with harmful chemicals or materials, and ensure you will get superior construction that will last you for many years to come.
  • Variability: It can be aesthetically pleasing to mix and match the shapes of the furniture you use in a single room. You don’t want to have everything be a rectangle, for example, so choose multiple furniture shapes to make your rooms more eye-appealing.
  • Don’t be afraid of bigger items: While you should, of course, always keep space and dimensions in mind, you should not be afraid of bigger items if you have the room for them. Some people fear a large armoire or sectional will make a room feel smaller and cramped, but in many cases the opposite is actually true. In fact, putting a lot of smaller pieces in a room is much more likely to make the room feel smaller than using a couple larger pieces for the same function.
  • Consider custom pieces: If you’re looking for something very particular to match the existing décor in your home and a lot of the stock items you find just aren’t cutting it, you might consider going with a custom furniture maker, who can give you what you want to your specifications.

For more tips about choosing furniture, contact the experts at Dickinson Furniture City, your trusted furniture store in Dickinson, ND!

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